General damage minimisation

Comments specifically about the keyboard devices.

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General damage minimisation

Post by fubar »


1. Glue keypads to base
2. Minimise transportation
3. Use a case to transport keyboard
4. Protect USB cable? How?? Perhaps reinforce joint between cable and RHS keypad? How?
5. Don't drop it :) Unruly children and animals to be shot on sight :wink:

Anybody got more to add?

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Post by ivanw »

I planned to take my TouchStream with me for the first time tomorrow. (It did not travel more than one meter since I unpacked it six months ago.) Reading your posts reminds me that I'd better think twice.

It's all about this :evil: ribbon cable! It would be nice if we could come up with some unplugging solution. As a former electronic professional, I know that it should be done by some knowledgeable and equipped specialist - shielding, bandwidth, timings etc...

What about our :?: :?: :?: member ? ? ? ...are you still around?

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Post by aegis »

I don't move my TS unless absolutely necessary, it lives at work. I bought myself a Mini to travel with my laptop. One piece, no ribbon cable so I'm hoping it will be fairly robust.


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Post by TorbenGB »

Having a Mini is probably neat when it suffices.
The best way to protect the TS is not to transport it.

I have a TS and I used to bring it to work daily, carefully folding it around a foam pad and rolling up the cable. I stopped doing that the moment FW went away. It's been sitting on my home desk ever since.

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Post by Rqyteqto »

I don't have my TS glued to the tent base, but rather attached with Velcro strips. With full length strips top and bottom, the boards will not come loose under any normal movements, but they can be removed if necessary. Just make sure the adhesive on the tape is good and the surface of the tent where you place the tape is really clean. Wipe it good with alcohol.

I am looking for an appropriately sized and shaped aluminum shell for a travel case. Fit the interior with custom cut foam, voila!

Otherwise, they are pretty tough, the two danger points being, as mentioned, the cables. I long ago suggested it would be better to have a USB slot in the board so replacing that cable would be easy. The ribbon cable is a real disappointment, with everything else done so well, the ribbon cable is just inexcusable. I can't imangine what they were thinking. Maybe they ran out of geniousness. The best protection for it is to mount the boards on the tent structure.

Someday I'd like to replace the existing ribbon with a longer one so the boards could be father apart. 6" would be good, but a new tent structure will be a must.
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