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Caps Word revisit

Postby SputNik » 06 Oct 2005, 18:44


I know that this was covered extensively in the original fw forum, but I can't get caps word to turn caps lock off. I'm running Win2k, Touchstream v1.60, multi touch utilities v1.55. (I also have a WinXP, TS v1.60, mt v1.55 system at home, but I keep forgetting to see if this it has the same problem with caps word).

The four-finger above home row modifier is set to default as the caps word modifier. When I activate it, it turns caps lock on, but never turns it off. Space, tab, enter, period, nothing works to turn caps lock off. I have to manually hit either the caps lock key, or the caps word modifier again to get it to turn off.

From the old forums, this issue was supposed to be resolved in v1.33 or so, which is why I'm concerned that it's still not working for me in v1.60.

Anyone out there able to give me a clue as to how to fix it?


ETA: Caps Word works fine with my WinXP, TS Silver, so it's either something with my burgundy TS or Win2k. Any ideas?
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