Keyboard dead!

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John Meacham
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Keyboard dead!

Post by John Meacham »

My Touchstream LP has suddenly started getting 'usb debounce' errors on every machine I plug it in to. is there anything that can be done? I don't think I can switch back to a normal keyboard.

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Post by dr_leviathan »

My first guess (and this is just a guess) is that you've got a bad connection in the USB connector, or damage to the cord that comes out of your keyboard (mabye it got kinked or smashed by something?). Examine the USB connector and cord for signs of damage.

Try stressing the USB connector/cord either up,down,left, or right near each end when you plug it in. If it sometimes works when you're steadily tweaking the cord off to one side then you've got a bad connection in the wiring somewhere nearby. Which would be good news because it would mean that the problem is probably fixable by somone with a little bit of soldering experience or mechanical ingenuity.

If everything looks intact then it could be failure of an IC component in the keyboard electronics. Which would be bad because it would probably require significant electronics knowledge to repair.

Finally, I should mention that if your keyboard is a total loss, I'm interested in buying a broken keyboard for dismantling purposes and would be happy to buy yours.
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