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What is this "popup" key for?

Posted: 05 Jul 2005, 00:42
by Will
Hi, could anyone tell me what this "popup" key is for, please? The useless button on the right, labeled "insert", at least transforms the cursor into a question mark (though I don't know why or what for), but the "popup" key doesn't seam to have a function. I've lost my handbook and didn't find anything on the website.

Posted: 05 Jul 2005, 03:05
by jono
Depends on what OS you are sporting... on Windows it is the 'right-click' context menu. But this is simply by default -- remap it! :)

(btw I may be wrong -- I am just doing this from memory -- my TS is remapped to the hilt)

Posted: 05 Jul 2005, 08:05
by nomaded
What jono said.

If you look at a regular keyboard that came with a Windows PC, look to the right of the spacebar. You'll see the right alt key and next to that, on the right, is the equivalent of the "Popup" key that's on the TouchStream. Hitting it, in Windows, will bring up the Context Sensitive Menu, which is also equivalent to a Right Mouse Button click.

Posted: 14 Jul 2005, 21:44
by The Juggler
Heh... Insert is not a useless key... it's what we used back in the days before Microsoft shortcuts. Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert for copy and paste... these still work in basically any program and on any OS. So they're useful mappings for gestures :)

Besides that, hitting the Insert key will change a text editor/word processor between insert mode and overwrite... which is very handy if you're doing heavy editing.

Scroll lock, now, that's almost a useless key :D