So how long have I got?

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I will keep using my TouchStream keyboard until it is dead.

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So how long have I got?

Post by cmers »

I have two TouchStream keyboards (one for work, one for home) that are about a year old and working fine. With the company's demise, I am just wondering how long I could reasonably expect to be able to use those before having to switch to another ergo solution.

:?: Does the lack of moving parts mean this will work forever, or do the touch-sensitive materials have a life-span?

:?: And when would the lack of driver updates be a show-stopper? Will I be out of luck when I upgrade to a post-XP Windows version? Or will I be ok as long as I have access to a 2k/XP computer to run the configuration utilities when needed, then just plug-and-play on the newer Windows OS?

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Post by aegis »

My TS is coming up for two years old and I've never had a problem with it. But, it rarely moves from my desk and gets folded up.

After problems that other people have had I bought myself a Mini to use at home to save moving the TS.

I would be lost if it ever packed up.

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