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Posted: 15 Jun 2005, 06:45
by changingworld
Has anyone thought of asking fingerworks for the blueprints to their keyboard?

Posted: 15 Jun 2005, 13:22
by ken gray
Well, FW was bought by another company and since the technology is the only thing they want (and maybe the key developers), they aren't going to give that up.

I think they is a near rumor going around that is implying that FW went out of business; that is not true. they got bought out by a huge computer co.

Posted: 16 Jun 2005, 00:19
by JerryKnight
Thanks, Ken.

Besides, the schematics (I think this is what you meant, not blueprints) are at the very core of their intellectual property and this is the last thing that would ever be given to the public, even if they had gone out of business..