windows shells

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lee griggs
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windows shells

Post by lee griggs »

I had a conversation with a colleague last night about ergonomics and how to avoid the mouse and he recommended a few things to try.

I was wondering if anyone had tried any of the below or found anything that was more suited to keyboard/gestures:

The windows shell replacement is called litestep. seems to be down, so here is link to somewhere else to
download it:

I don't know if it just changes the visual interface for windows or also helps with keystrokes. It can make things very
pretty so it's probably worth a look anyway

The linux ones that I mentioned are much more focused on eliminating the mouse. They are Ion:

...and the altogether more austere Ratpoison:
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Post by ivanw »

While looking for more about the subject I found this:
ken gray
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Post by ken gray »

i used to use litestep. it's a shell replacement and it's nice but it's really about MASSIVE tweaking of things like the boarder around your system tray by the pixel and stuff like that. i dont know how it's supposed to keep you away from your mouse though.
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