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Forum ranking?

Posted: 03 May 2005, 08:22
by TorbenGB
I went through the memberlist at the FW forum and found these rankings. I would like to re-use the same in this forum, just for fun. Can anyone assist with more details?

0..21 = Junior Member
34..93 = Member
99 = eidolon (Note: I have no idea what this is, but user dxtr has this rank.
117 = Reader of FAQs
126 = Despot in Training
132 = Senior Member
219 = Touchpad Fanatic
474 = TS Zealot
(542 = Administrator) (this doesn't count as a rank but I wanted to include it for the sake of completeness.)

Posted: 03 May 2005, 09:00
by nomaded
Those rankings were self-chosen user titles.

Posted: 03 May 2005, 13:18
by ken gray
yeah, i came up with the "Despot in Training" title and sumbled accross that feild.

Posted: 03 May 2005, 13:54
by TorbenGB
Okay nevermind then; I'll stick to the ranks I've currently assigned. Which are they? Hang around long enough to find out :D
Thanks for the replies!