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Forum is up; website is still down

Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 15:02
by TorbenGB
It's no a major thing, I just need to sit down and do some chmodding etc.
I should have time for it in the next week, so please don't get worried. Nothing big is wrong, except that I don't have time to fix it.

Posted: 31 Mar 2006, 21:25
by TorbenGB
The wiki is back online, and the archive is being uploaded anew as I write this (it will probably take a few hours to complete). My sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting. This should not happen again, as long as I don't meddle with things. So little work was needed, it's embarrassing that it took so long! :oops:

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 00:38
by nomaded
Looks like my changes to the wiki I put in back in december is gone.

Oh well.



... or not... weird. I guess the Recent Changes section at the bottom of the main page got nuked. Well that's good. I'm happy the little i added to the wiki didn't go *poof* :lol:

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 00:49
by ivanw
In fact, many attachments are not in place either. I have some backups for my contributions and I tried to upload one of the missing images for the XmlManual but it did not work... :roll: too

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 08:41
by TorbenGB
Thanks for telling me! There appears to be some things still missing -- I'll compare the live site with my backup and upload any differences!

- I see that most uploads were missing. They've all been uploaded again now.
- I also compared all wiki content files and it appears that the most recent version is the one that is live.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 10:34
by ivanw
Thanks Torben, once again. I suggest you should return to your heavy strain at work now that you have diverted a little too much of your time to this forum :wink:

[half a joke here] :roll:
Would you consider doing the same for another forum about the AlphaGrip? About messaging on Google Group
[/half a joke here]

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 10:45
by TorbenGB
AlphaGrip Fansite & Forum:
I'm sure you know my answer already: I absolutely cannot take on any more tasks. Besides, when I don't have a personal interest in the AlphaGrip there's too little motivation. Somebody else would be in a much better position to do that.

What I can offer is a little insight in software, configuration, and hosting. Would that be useful?

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 13:09
by ivanw
Thanks Torben... the biggest half was the joke part :wink: I know that this is too demanding to be done without some very strong motivation! As you do, I have my share of those already. This is why I am not currently willing to do it either right now.
As for the insight, I may remember your offer and come here to ask on some occasion.

Posted: 05 Apr 2006, 15:18
by TorbenGB
ivanw wrote:As for the insight, I may remember your offer and come here to ask on some occasion.
Well, the simple answer is just this:
1. Go to DreamHost and get a cheap hosting account ($7.95/mo.)
2. Install phpBB (that's a very easy one-click install on Dreamhost)
3. Install TWiki 4.02 or even easier (but not as good) MediaWiki which is also a very easy one-click install on Dreamhost

With that, you'll have an easy platform for practically any community. The big issue might much more importantly be getting members (contributors!) and getting content!

Posted: 06 Apr 2006, 22:32
by aat0995
Btw, is much cheaper for hosting.

Posted: 07 Apr 2006, 11:14
by TorbenGB
aat0995 wrote:Btw, is much cheaper for hosting.
Cool. If they offer enough services, then go with them. DreamHost offers a *lot*, but it may of course be more than what's needed.