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Website was briefly down

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2006, 16:09
by TorbenGB
The FingerFans website was down for about one day but is coming back up now. What happened was an administrator glitch that wiped the files off the domain. Luckily the automated twice-daily backups were readily available, so currently all files are being written back to the domain.

The wiki was affected in terms of code and content, since both is stored as files on the domain. The wiki is not very active, so nothing was lost.

The forum was only affected in terms of code, since the posts are stored in a database that was not affected. Nothing was lost here, either.

I did receive some mails from concerned users. Thanks for your quick reactions - but I was quicker :)

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2006, 16:53
by ivanw
Thanks Torben... Image
Don't forget to ask for good will contribution of any kind if you can use some... time, skills, chocolate, money for site hosting.
I am pretty sure that I am not the only one around here who is ready to help.

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2006, 17:03
by TorbenGB
Thank you for your offer (and that hilarious smiley).

Most of the time, this website runs just fine with practically no effort needed from my side. It's only once in a while if I meddle with it that stuff happens. Since it mostly involves simple things with FTP access, it's not a big deal, and at the same time I'm hesitant to hand out admin access to the site because it's also used for other sites (that's also why the FWfans website ahs no price tag attached).

The help that's most needed is simply to participate on the wiki and in the forum, and you're doing that a lot, so I couldn't be happier. Just keep it up, and stay away from those TS-killing static bursts.

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2006, 17:11
by VaderPi
Thanks Torben. You never know, I just might be faster next time. :) Keep up the, uh, not so hard work. ;) But if things ever change financially or otherwise I, and I am sure many others, am ready to pitch in to help.

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2006, 18:31
by TorbenGB
Sure! And if you ever feel the need to sponsor me, I'll gladly accept a spare STLP or an igesture 8)

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2006, 21:24
by TorbenGB
The wiki is back online, and the archive is being uploaded anew as I write this (it will probably take a few hours to complete). My sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting. This should not happen again, as long as I don't meddle with things. So little work was needed, it's embarrassing that it took so long! :oops: