The forum is dead - long live the forum!

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The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby TorbenGB » 14 Oct 2010, 08:05

The forum has been updated - and fixed!! HOORAY!!

You can tell by the new look and new location of this forum that something has changed.

What has changed?
  • Forum software is now upgraded to newest version! This is a very major upgrade containing security patches, better spam protection, and modern forum features for users. It's actually a brand-new installation (in fact not an upgrade), to ensure that no old code remains.
  • Users can change their passwords! (here)
  • Users can change their signature! (here)
  • Missing posts have been restored!
  • New user registration works without administrator approval; hardened against spammers!
  • Generally friendlier security settings; in particular less restrictions placed on new users.
  • Everything works again!

What hasn't changed?
I was able to migrate all the content from the old forum. All the old posts are here, all included images and attachments, all users including their avatars and signatures and old passwords. Nothing should be missing!

Also, the old wiki website is still live at the direct URL where it has always been. Until now, users would be redirected to the wiki when going to the domain which then links to the forum. This has now been reversed so that the domain URL shows the forum first. I still need to find a way to elegantly link to the wiki. Update: I've added links to the wiki and to our read-only copy of the original FingerWorks forum in the section Support Central.

We should consider if we even need the wiki at all; could we move the content into this forum instead, perhaps inside a new area? This would be simpler for the users (and simpler to manage, too).

Oh boy, I've been looking forward to this for more than three years and now I finally succeeded. I can't tell you how much that pleases me. It is my hope that this major update takes away all obstacles for new and existing users. Perhaps we will see a new rise in activity again, driven in part by the new multitouch hardware Apple is bringing to market.

Keep in mind that this update was only made a few hours ago, and that some administrative settings might still change, or need to be changed, for everything to run smoothly. So much has changed behind the scenes that it will take a while to see what settings provide the smoothest operation. This means that any and all feedback is very welcome!! In particular I ask for your criticism because that will help me further improve the forum!
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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby ken gray » 14 Oct 2010, 11:07

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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby ivanw » 14 Oct 2010, 12:08

:o That's some news!

:D And some unexpected ones as the tone of things was not leading to this outcome. Thanks Torben, Your efforts really mean something to me as I too shared this forum's members enthusiasm about Fingerworks contribution/spirit long before Apple snatched it.

:mrgreen: I don't know whether it means a new life cycle is coming for we're still in need of something that Apple is not ready to give us yet. Anyway, it means that, thanks to your dedicated efforts, we'll be ready to express ourselves with the weight of an long-lived community.

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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby dongadoy » 14 Oct 2010, 13:36

Thanks muchly!

Every year I search for an alternative to my TouchStream keyboards, but every year finds me still typing on the TouchStreams. I've found nothing even close. There are many TouchStreams out there so I'm hoping the community will stay alive for many more years. I'm happy knowing this forum is here in case something goes wrong, or just to hear related news.
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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby jmadison » 14 Oct 2010, 14:16

Thanks Torben!

I'm still using my TS every day at work, and I'm glad that the forum is still up and running. Thank you Torben for all the effort that you've put forth to keep us all connected.

Here's to many more years of happy TouchStreaming!
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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby Ninotchka » 14 Oct 2010, 14:21

Thanks, Torben, appreciate the update!

I still use my Stenovations pad every day -- mostly as a nice big touchpad, but I really appreciate being able to type on it when I need to. I also have an iGesture pad squirrelled away for a rainy day. I should probably pass it on, but I would be in serious pain if my Stenovations pad died. I type on a regular keyboard, but all mice/trackballs kill my arm, and the iGesture etc is so much better than the old Glidepoints.

Now that multitouch is everywhere, I hope some company will pick up keyboard development.

Anyway, thanks for keepin' the faith. Spam me any time!
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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby TorbenGB » 14 Oct 2010, 14:57

Hi all, just a quick note: I sincerely appreciate your responses. Really. Thank you!

Even if there aren't many users left (how many FW devices were sold in total, anyway?) we have to help each other, so that we get as much use and enjoyment from our devices as we can. (Btw, on this topic - can anyone help Sue out?)
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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby -jeffB » 14 Oct 2010, 15:43


I left my previous job earlier this year, and one thing I forgot to do was to grab the patched preferences app that runs under modern versions of Java. Googling for the solution led me to one of the missing threads. I had to dig out my original paper documentation to find even the switch-between-Mac-and-Windows settings! (I'm stuck using Windows in my new job. :evil: )

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for your continuing efforts on our behalf!
-jeffB (Jeff Brandenburg, Durham, NC, USA)
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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby nomaded » 14 Oct 2010, 15:46

Wow! Thanks for your hard work Torben. This is great! Now to change my signature.

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Re: The forum is dead - long live the forum!

Postby The00Dustin » 14 Oct 2010, 23:50

Wow Torben, I'm sure you spent some time getting this all straightened out, thanks indeed.
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