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August 2010: Current status of Fingerfans website and forum

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2010, 13:40
by TorbenGB
Dear community and fellow FingerWorks fans!

I'd like to briefly describe the state of this community website, because it's not running as smoothly as it used to.

The primary cause of the problems are spammers. While there are decent anti-spam measures built into the forum, this is a dilemma for administrators: either remove barriers to users (this would also allow spammers free access), or impose some barriers (this will stop some spammers but also some potential users), or block some of the functionality (we have had to entirely shut down private messaging between forum users because of spam).

The fight against spam never ends. I think one could spend all day fighting spam, and some would still get through. With the measures currently in place, I get about 60 e-mails per day concerning (blocked!) spam attempts on the forum. This doesn't include registration confirmations: I must manually approve every registration, and 99,9% of the registrations are spam.

A while ago, the forum broke down and I worked hard to restore it to an operational status. Unfortunately, not all was recovered; users can't change their passwords -- but they CAN request a reset and use the new automated one that is sent by email. And you will still find many posts that can't be viewed. It's very frustrating, because I am almost certain that all those posts still sit in the database, eager to be displayed. But the references between forums, posts and users have somehow been mangled.

I believe this can be cleaned up. It requires focus and time, which I can't provide to the forum these days. I'm sad to see how poorly the system serves the community, and I hope that sooner or (likely) later, somebody will help me in the effort to fix things.

Until then, I am grateful that some users hold on to the community. There are even some new users once in a while. This proves the usefulness of the website, and of the effort to keep it running.

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2010, 14:05
by jmadison
Thank you, Torben, for all the effort you are putting forth.

I have often read your requests for help. Unfortunately, I don't have the web skills necessary to truly lend a hand. So, at this point, all I can do is offer a mighty "Thank you".

"Keeping the FingerWorks spirit alive"

PostPosted: 18 Aug 2010, 14:23
by TorbenGB
Thank you. I know many users are glad the site survives; I just wish it would do better. But given that I posted the request for a replacement webmaster back in Oct.2010, I don't expect anybody to come forward with help. Still, hoping doesn't hurt.

PostPosted: 19 Aug 2010, 01:28
by ivanw
Hi Torben, the most important is that the site is still there and if the lost contents is still around, well, there is no real concern.

It you plan trying to fix things, there is nothing more one could expect, even if it takes a long time, it's quite OK on my part.

Like jmadison, I don't really have any honest experience with forum maintenance. Any not skillful support would be more burden that help.

So, take your time and I'm sure most forum members will feel lucky to have you to deal with the unpleasant task at hand.

So, thank you once more,