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PostPosted: 02 Feb 2010, 08:55
by TorbenGB
I give up; the spammers have won.

Forum members have received large amounts of personal messages in recent days, all of which were sent by spammers in the attempt to trick members into visiting questionable websites.

I've worked hard to stop this bad behaviour, but all my attempts have not been sufficiently effective. I've failed to protect you --my forum members-- from bad stuff, and for that I deeply and humbly apologize.

As a final measure to regain peace and sanity, I've now completely turned off the capability to send personal messages between forum members.

The sad consequence of this means that innocent forum members are punished as well; we can no longer send messages to each through the forum. The only way to discuss, now, is to post publicly in the forum, or to send personal e-mail if the address of the recipient is known. I'm aware that this is a severe limitation, and I regret that no better solution can be found.

You're most welcome to reply to this post; I will take all your comments to heart. You can also reach me by e-mail on the address:


PostPosted: 14 Oct 2010, 08:33
by TorbenGB
Private messaging has been enabled again because the forum has been moved to new software.
The new forum software should be a lot better at blocking spammers, so this very hard restriction has been lifted.