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FingerWorks forum dead

Posted: 07 Jun 2005, 20:50
by drew
This note is at the top of the origional forum

Note: Posting Disabled! (The forum is read-only)


Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 07:37
by aegis
When I tried to post a reply I got a user not authorised error. :(

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 10:07
by TorbenGB
Good thing we managed to get this site established in time, so at least people can find some FW info even if goes away entirely. And it seems it will go away. What I can't understand is why they disable it in so small steps. Either pull the plug, or leave it be. Good for us that there is still something there.

Did anybody ever capture the downloadables and relevant images?

I just checked Google, and fingerworks does not give any result links to the fingerfans website - but fingerfans does. What can we do to get Google to link here from the fingerworks search term?

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 13:50
by ken gray
fourtunatly the ghost of Fingerworks (GoFW) still has the ff announcement at ... light=fans

i feel like the doctor is calling the family in from out of town....

Re: Rescue mission

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 14:39
by TorbenGB
ivanw wrote:what to do next to have people accessing the dead forum to come here. :?:
There's not much we can do -- that's why I have recently been very active in the old forum to refer people to the new forum -- so that at least some posts link here. Apart from that, I've notified Google to add a link to here, and I'm linking here from some other sites, to build up some Google cred. Please link to to increase the Google value and get us up on the first page of search results! That applies to other search engines as well, of course. Help this community by updating the website with useful information.
ivanw wrote:does someone know how we could preserve all these interesting public information?
Well, someone could go through the entire old forum and make a copy to harddisk of any and all interesting posts, then put them in this forum. Or better yet, use that information to create some wiki webpages in the website!
ivanw wrote:Is there any policy stating that these messages will remain accessible for awhile?
Nope. FW has no obligation to keep anything alive for us, and the FW forum and website will probably be completely taken down soon. So you better act fast. Nobody knows what will happen.

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 14:48
by bradheintz
Good thinking, Ivan!

I've updated my FW forum sig, and also placed a permanent link to Fingerfans on my site (with the word "FingerWorks" in the text of the link) to help with the Google juice.

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 15:34
by TorbenGB
Excellent! So did I now, but I'm not linking to the forum; I'm linking to the homepage instead.

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 21:21
by ken gray
I can't get my sig enabled. it shows html=off and vBcode=on but my sig doesn't show up... ... 9#post5659

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 13:45
by ken gray
i put all the code into the sig field and when it didnt show up i went back and just put in some text but that still didn't work. is there a master switch for sigs?


Well the ghost doesn't know web coding very well as he merely "commented" out the lines that give you the buttons. i was able to piece together the code to get them back however other than the "user cp" there isn't much point since it's a no-post forum....


Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 21:20
by -jeffB
I joined the forum on 6/17/2003, the first non-FingerWorks employee to do so if I'm not mistaken. They almost made it to two years. :(

Posted: 10 Jun 2005, 08:02
by TorbenGB
ken gray wrote:NOW THEY'VE TAKEN AWAY THE "user cp" BUTTON!!!
You can still use the direct hyperlink though:
User cp =
Edit profile = ... ditprofile

Posted: 10 Jun 2005, 12:07
by eve
Just tried all that....unfortunately, it only works if you posted with .sig enabled in the first place...and editing your own posts is not allowed anymore.

I have now done the following which still works :)
1. created an avatar with the fingerfans address in it and uploaded that
2. in location in my profile, I added a link to fingerfans
3. as my homepage, I added the fingerfans address

As I have not posted much on the Fingerworks forum, this probably won't attract much attention but maybe one of the more frequent posters can do something with the ideas above :)


Posted: 14 Jun 2005, 20:07
by vellire
Just wanted to let you know that I found this site via Torben's signature on the old forum, so your idea works like a charm. Thanks!