The Tactiva TACTAPAD– What have we here?

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The Tactiva TACTAPAD– What have we here?

Postby DDinEB » 24 May 2005, 21:23

I just did a casual online search for input devices, (I forgot my actual search terms), and Google came up with this (the Tactiva Touchpad) as the top item returned. Why, what’s this!?! I never saw or heard of this item or this company.

I don’t have time at this moment to investigate or comment much more. But it looks like something worth reviewing, and I hope some of you with some time and/or interest can get the ball rolling on this topic, for now… :)

(Oh - I remember, the search term I used was "Fingerworks"!) :shock:
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Postby nomaded » 24 May 2005, 23:47

Looks like the TactaPad shows up as a Google Ad when you search for "fingerworks".

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Postby Max » 25 May 2005, 08:31

The current uncertainty about FingerWorks has also made me look around for alternatives to my currently dead Touchstream. Unfortunately, while there is nothing out there that is quite like a Touchstream, one thing I have come across that is quite interesting is the DX1 input system:

Mainly aimed at gamers, but has some ergonomic potential. Eerily similar company logo though ... spooky.

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