New Apple patent on "wide touchpad"

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New Apple patent on "wide touchpad"

Postby adayley » 02 Mar 2006, 22:59

I have no doubt that Apple bought the FingerWorks technology.

I really, really wish they would sell a keyboard! I found out about the Touchstream products too late. Wish I had one!
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Postby ivanw » 03 Mar 2006, 00:38

Good finding, a new peace of jewelry :!: It is amazing how one can fill up pages with meaningless pseudo-technical crap and end up with a patented empty space. :shock: If you want to learn something about this technology in the real world, you can take the time to read Westerman's PhD Dissertation: Hand Tracking, Finger Identification, and Chordic Manipulation on a Multi-Touch Surface. It is written in such a way that even human can read it! When Apple comes with something like this, something will be on its way. In the mean time we will see many nonsense of this kind which the media need to keep alive. And we know how much Apple knows about this. :wink:
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Postby bryanlharris » 03 Mar 2006, 03:28

Is it just me or do those drawings look a little funny? Do all patent drawings look that way?

I just thought it would look like autocad or look super fancy or something, but these look like they come from mspaint.
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