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New Apple touch keyboard patents

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2011, 18:20
by fubar ... -slam.html

Partly about their obsession with thin-ness (yawn), but also some on shielding and calibration. It's promising that this focuses mostly on detail rather than experimental ideas: if they can make something thin and reliable, they may release a product.

Also, there is a patent from Wayne W. about tactility, which is seen (quite reasonably) as the big blocker for a popular touch keyboard - thought I'd heard about that one before, so perhaps this is a refinement on the earlier patents. I'd love to believe it, but I still find it hard to see most people using a touch keyboard, even one with bumps and variable resistance to finger force. Part of the appeal of the magic trackpad is the elegant lack of moving parts I think, and an "articulating frame" just doesn't sound very Appley to me.