Thought a about Apple's possible use of the technology

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Thought a about Apple's possible use of the technology

Post by kablooie »

One of Apple's biggest markets is in graphics yet they don't have an Apple drawing tablet. Other companys already have laptops that take pen input.

What Apple could really use is a touch sensitive notebook screen could take pen input. If you're an artist working in, pastels for example, part of the technique is often smearing the chalk with your finger. A touch tablet with the fingerworks technology might be able to accomplish this.

Apple already has a full featured handwriting recognition system built in to the basic operating system. Could this be preparation for a new kind of laptop?

What do you think? Hmmm.

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Post by Rqyteqto »

I had thought about that possibility, but it would have to be combined with OLED, not LCD, at least the multi-touch hardware side of it and the boys seem very much to be a team act.

The reason is LCD requires the backlighting so the touch sensors would have to be both transparent (or at least highly translucent) and very thin.

OLED displays would work very well as they are very thin, so wouldn't intefere with the capacitance sensors, and produce their own light so no need of a backlight.

OLED is definitely not out of the question, its already replacing LCDs in smaller handheld devices because of lower cost, less weight and thickness and lower energy requirements as well as brighter output, there was even 40" OLED display announced recently. OLED and in particular, POLED (Printed Organic Light Emitting Diode) is poised to take on the LCD market as well as the rest of the menagerie of display technology so this isn't that far out there, maybe two years at the most, probably a lot less given the money involved.

A Multi-Touch POLED display is exactly what the Tablet market needs (in addition to getting better CPUs, GPUs, HDDs, etc, etc.) and would be a huge step up for notebooks. As kablooie notes, such a display/input system would be a huge boon to the graphics market. It would even make that Mitsubishi multiperson, multitouch system work all that much better by eliminating the overhead projector and significantly reducing costs and complexity, it would just be the display so it could be wall mounted and even portable. Imagine Kindergarten with a bunch of these buggers to play with. You'd never want to grow up.
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Post by drew »

Fingerworks got a fair amount of attention from the music scene for use as a mixing board and synth input device. So that yet another angle for this technology that apple has a stake in.

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