quick comment on the apple touchpad

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quick comment on the apple touchpad

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i couldnt find any comments about this on the board, but a friend of mine has an older powerbook from a year or two before the two finger scrolling was a "feature." he managed to download open source drivers of some kind that enabled that same functionality on the existing touchpad. it just seems most likely that apple liked the concept and added it to the supported features (like corner mapping for some synaptics laptop touchpads) of its existing hardware.

personally i dont like apple's methodology when it comes to technology but if a larger touchpad that had features similar to the igesture came out i would be more than happy. i already have a touchstream and although i love it, i see myself gravitating toward a fully featured left handed keyboard like from maltron or a custom one using an ergodex board along with a pointing device.

the single best feature for me was that i could use my hand in a natural way without moving back and forth between keyboard and mouse. gestures came in second place. if i ever figure out the left handed keyboard i may very well switch back to a trackball but emulate the buttons with keyboard keys or foot pedals. anyway im rambling and i certainly dont want to complaint about figerworks products, because they were great quality. if i saw one like it in the future i would probably buy it even if just to try it.

however, my single biggest complaint is my damn right pinky. somehow i think i started holding it too high off the surface and now it gives me cramps. nothing debiltating, but certainly irritating. i use the gaming setup for the mouse and the truth is that even with how often maya uses the middle mouse button, my pinky just still isnt used as much as my other fingers.

wow what a friggin long post. i'm out!

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