The original FingerWorks Forum is fixed!

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The original FingerWorks Forum is fixed!

Post by -jeffB »

Well, I don't know how completely fixed it is, but it's at least showing accurate update times for threads and groups. It's a little encouraging to see things getting better rather than worse.
-jeffB (Jeff Brandenburg, Durham, NC, USA)
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Post by nomaded »

I agree. That sounds like potentially good news.

I might go as far as reading that the new owners see (or have been made to see) that keeping existing users happy would be a GoodThing(tm).

Nonetheless, we should keep this wiki/forum site around anyways.

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Post by TorbenGB »

nomaded wrote:we should keep this wiki/forum site around anyways
I agree. We should at least keep this running until we know for certain that it's safe to return to the FW forum. Even then, I'd be inclined to leave this forum read-only accessible forever. But I think it would be a mess to continue with two active forums. We only need one.
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