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Email from Support

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After submitting a support request in March, I finally got a reply from FW Support today! The message is below:
Dear FingerWorks Customer,

Thank you for your email.

Please take a moment to review the troubleshooting steps at

If you follow those troubleshooting steps and are still unable to resolve the problem, we would like to obtain and keep the product, and in exchange, refund your money*. To proceed with this option, please send us the following information in your emailed reply:

* Your Name
* Your Address
* Your Product's Serial Number
* Your Product's Date of Purchase
* Please include the product's original invoice as proof of purchase, either as an electronic document attached to this email or by faxing to 512 697-8316.

If you choose to fax the proof of purchase, please include the support ticket number from the title of this email on your fax.

Once we have confirmed your proof of purchase, we will send you a Return Materials Authorization number with shipping instructions so that you can return your product to us.

*-Refunds are calculated as the original price, up to the manufacturer's suggested retail price, plus the rate of sales tax which was applicable to your product's purchase, and will be pro-rated if the product is no longer under warranty.”

Best regards,


Important note! FingerWorks has ceased operations as a business. If you have a service or support issue, please note the following:

- Service will continue to be provided to customers who are entitled to it under the terms of their original product warranty.

- For all service and support claims, please visit

- At, you will find many useful technical resources, including User Guides and Tutorials, read-only Discussion Forums, Downloads and Multitouch Utilities, Frequently Asked Questions, and a Troubleshooting Guide.

FingerWorks products are no longer available for resale, and no further updates to software drivers will be developed.

Thank you for buying and using FingerWorks products. We appreciate your patronage and hope that you continue to enjoy your FingerWorks product.

Admin Support
FingerWorks Support Staff
I was able to repair my own keyboard, but there may be hope for those who are still having issues.


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