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Neeaaaaahhgghhhhh!!!! ---Apple!

Posted: 16 Aug 2005, 20:45
by ken gray
Well, look at this...
multifinger gestures on the new G4 laptops!

Not saying Apple is our culprit; just's real suspicious.

Ready to Scroll

Scrolling through web pages or large documents on a trackpad can challenge even the most nimble fingers. That’s why every PowerBook G4 features a new trackpad with scrolling capability. Just drag two fingers over the trackpad to scroll vertically and horizontally or pan around any active window. Change this feature to suit your needs: Customize your trackpad settings or turn off scrolling completely via System Preferences.

Posted: 16 Aug 2005, 21:38
by Rqyteqto
This was noted previously (forum/viewtopic.php?t=160), my take is why should Apple bother with just a minimal scrolling function on a small touch pad when they could install the Mac'n'Touch keypad, which is already set to go. If they had bought the whole enchilada, they could offer the Mac'n'Touch key'pad as an alternative, or using the iGesture as a separate add-on graphics/mousing tablet. Sort of like buying a chinese restaurant to get some chopsticks. But as I pointed out previously, Apple folks do march to a different drummer, so there's no telling.


Posted: 16 Aug 2005, 23:53
by phill
Isn't Apple using the Alps Glidepoint touch pad? Doesn't it have multi-touch capabilities?