This looks like something!!

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This looks like something!!

Postby routb » 14 Jul 2005, 23:19

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Postby David.P » 23 Jul 2005, 19:03

Tactiva - this is going to be THE logical successor of the fingerworks technology. Adding force feedback is (among other Tactiva features) surely a next killer feature for a pointing device.

Thanks again for coming up with that link,

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just not quite as...

Postby deadlyhead » 23 Jul 2005, 23:21

... elegant as fingerworks' products, though. i mean, yeah! it's awesome that it's tactile and seems very capable, but at the same time, it doesn't seem quite as robust in its uses as, say, the touchstream.

to match the touchstream, it would have to offer a keyboard, gestures, and full customizability just to come close to the amount of features. really, tactility is somewhat unnecessary with an operating system that gives clear visual and audible feedback (i'm using gnu/linux).

okay, don't get me wrong; the tactapad is really cool. i think the touchstream could potentially have been improved with the addition of tactile feedback, but at this point, for those of us pining for fingerworks' and deprived of owning a touchstream, it seems more gimmick rather than truly worthwhile.

why, fingerworks, why? :cry:
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