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Speireag Alden

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Hallo, all.

I just got my used burgundy Dvorak TouchStream in the mail last night, and I'm just getting used to it today. I'm typing on it right now, with many corrections.

So far my left hand is always spot on; 99% of my mistakes are on the right, and especially involve the 'l' key, but also occasionally every other key on the right. I already touch-type in Dvorak, so it's not the layout. Weird. Anyone else had this experience?

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Post by notmatt »

Well when I get mine I'll let you know....

It was due yesterday, but my local DHL depot is lazy. The have a tendancy to hoard parcels. Fingers crossed for monday :)
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Post by bradheintz »

Speirag -

I had the same issue with the L key; I think the placement of that key is one of the wweakest points of the Dvorak layout. Anyway, some people have had good results from adjusting the position of the key by a couple of millimeters. For my part, I just had to adjust my typing style to the un-slanted keyboard, and I do pretty well now.

- Brad
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Post by Rqyteqto »

I have difficulty with 'i/o' and 'h/n' as well as with getting an 'n' instead of 'space'. Some problems with the use of Shift on the right pad. Hopefully I can adjust the areas of those keys to correct the situation.

I do find when my error rate increases dramatically when I try to rush things. My best results and most improvement comes when I go slow and methodical.
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