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Hello from Bozeman, Montana

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2007, 14:27
by ccompbell107
Thank you to all who are part of this site. My name is Connie and Touchstream keyboards have made the difference for me to be able to keep working. (It was the mouse that did it!!) I switched to Dvorak about a year ago and that helped tremendously too.

My touchstream at work shorted out about three months ago and I have been somewhat desperate to find a replacement. Fortunately the one I had at home is still safe. I have anti-static pads everywhere though. Wish I would have known the danger before "the accident". I want to add my name to the growing ranks of those who are advocating that this technology needs to be available. I'll help in anyway that I can.

About me? Active in Christian missions; I'm also finishing an MS in Comupter Science at Montana State University; working as the director for a non-profit mediation center and teaching night classes at the local Adult Education center.

Glad to meet you all.

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2007, 07:24
Welcome Ccompbell107, sorry about your loss but also glad you have a backup. Are you sure its dead?

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2007, 10:29
by ivanw
Did you check with jwr ? He can tell you some about a succesfull repair story

Iy I end up owning it...

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2007, 03:15
by ccompbell107
If I end up owning the keyboard, I'll take it apart and have the engineering company help me with the circuit board if repairable. I couldn't get any sign of life from it.
Thank you for your input.