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Request a membership by sending me an email!

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:idea: UPDATE 2015-11-04: New user registration is allowed again (details here). :D Please ignore the below.
:idea: I'm just keeping it global for some time yet to make sure new users know where to ask for assistance.
TL;DR: Request a membership by sending email to

Due to excessive amounts of spam registrations, I've had to turn off the regular registration process. This pains me because I know that this blocks the few real people we really want to welcome into the community. I'm not happy about this situation and I've been searching for workable solutions. I want to allow real registrations but I also want to avoid spammers. The problem is, for every 1 real user there are about 2000 spammers - I'm not kidding. So it's not a task that I can handle manually, and the automated options simply don't cut it:
  • Yeah, the registrations can be protected by Captcha (and they are) but it doesn't do enough to keep away the spammers.
  • I can also require that the applicant confirms his sign-up by email. Doesn't help.
  • The approval emails could also be sent to me instead, but I get flooded by spam registrations.
I've basically run out of options. If anybody has workable suggestions, I'd be delighted to hear them!
TorbenGB - webmaster & forum admin
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