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Phill Kenoyer

Posted: 27 Apr 2005, 00:38
by phill
I made it. This is a great web site and forum. Much better than the actual FW site.

Anyway, I had a iGesture pad but it was defective when I bought it. Had some trouble getting FW to respond but finally did. They offered to replace it, but I opted to return it and get my money back.

What I'm looking for now is a Silver Dvorak LP. I would really like one, but seems like that won't happen now.

Anyway.... I'm here and I'm looking forward to reading and participating in this forum.

Still Looking.

Posted: 30 Apr 2005, 12:14
by phill
Currently I'm putting in 16 hour days on a standard keyboard and Apple mouse. This has been going on for about five weeks now. I'm starting to feel the burn. If anyone gets a line on a Silver Dvorak, I'm interested.


Pain Question

Posted: 02 May 2005, 18:04
by phill

I have a question. I don't have a FWTS yet, but I'm looking.

My situation is that I'm using a standard keyboard and mouse. I used to use my right had for the mouse, but suffered a lot of wrist pain. I switched to my left for the mouse and had an alright time until recently.

Right now my entire arm is hurting. All the way into my shoulder. I'm on a Mac so getting rid of the mouse all together is impossible. Is there anything I can do to make it better?

So far I have my workstation setup as suggested by the ergonomic docs I've read around the internet. Desk height, monitor height, keyboard height. My monitor is a bit low as I'm using the iMac G5 and there isn't a easy way to adjust it. I have a flat desk lowered so that my arms are 90ยบ for typing. I have a really nice chair that is setup to tilt forward just a bit and I sit up straight in it.

I think all the mousing is the cause of my pain.

Re: Pain Question

Posted: 02 May 2005, 21:48
by nomaded
phill wrote:I think all the mousing is the cause of my pain.
I would suggest that you try a trackball. I started using a trackball, for most of my computing, before I found and switched to a TouchStream-based solution.

I personally like the bigger trackballs that you use your fingers to move, rather than the smaller ones for the thumb. For example, I own, and still use the following 2 trackballs: the Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman and the Microsoft Trackball Explorer.

The other choice is to pick up a simple trackpad, like something from Cirque or Synaptics - though, from a quick googling of each company, I'm not sure if they still make consumer-oriented products.

Posted: 03 May 2005, 03:00
by bradheintz
Ditto on the trackball. Big ball or small, it cuts way back on wrist pronation, which is one of the major RSI factors.


Posted: 04 May 2005, 07:24
by phill
Back in the day I used the Kensington Expert Mouse and I loved it. I was hunting for a mouse a few months ago and stumbled on the iGesture and TS. I wish I happened upon them earlier because now that I really want one they are not available. :-(

Thanks for the suggestions.