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Posted: 27 Apr 2005, 19:52
by eve
Hi everybody

Many, many thank yous to Torben for this site from eve in Switzerland as well.

I got my LP in 2093 because my TOS started making typing very difficult on normal keyboards. Using the LP, I can still type and therefore do my job as programmer, web designer, etc. Today, which I don't think would be possible with other types of keyboards.

VaderPI, my pads have become quite disgusting as well so I covered them first with a folded up towel. Then somebody talked about Googalies and I ordered 2. I actually meant to use them for cleaning and stuff but they they actually turned out perfect as pad covers. They are so absorbant, they will take in all the sweat and still feel dry. They are quite expensive, though, but then, so was the keyboard... :)