So I'm the new guy

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So I'm the new guy

Post by drteeth »

Hello all. I'm the new guy!

I bought my Fingerworks Touchstream LP back about a decade ago while I was doing a lot of coding and programming. I loved it then. However, I haven't used it since 2007. I am preparing to sell it and thought that you guys are the experts so I signed up to ask you some questions (which I'll do in a separate post). I look forward to conversing with you!
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Re: So I'm the new guy

Post by TorbenGB »

Hi and welcome!

Due to spam, we've had to manually approve all new users' first post so that's why it didn't show up right away -- sorry if it confused you, because I see you made two similar posts.
I like that you want to give your TSLP a good new home. I hope you'll find the community helpful, although there aren't all that many active users left.
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