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Hello Fingerfans!

Posted: 18 Nov 2005, 15:46
by jmadison

My Name is Jason. I was pretty active on the former FingerWorks discussion board as "jmadison". I've been reading this one on and off for a while and finally decided to register. BTW... I'm a TS-LP user... it's a QWERTY, but I map it to Dvorak and type in that all the time.

I've got two questions right now:
1. Is it possible to reverse the zoom wheel function for one application only? (I'm in WinXP right now) I use SolidWorks, a 3D CAD program, and it uses the opposite wheel spin for zooming from every other application... and you can't change it in the software, so I was hoping to customize my TS to do that for me.

2. For some strange reason my CAPS-WORD dosen't work anymore, and I don't know where to begin to troubleshoot it.

That's it for now. Glad to be on board...

Posted: 18 Nov 2005, 22:17
by ivanw
Good move, each contribution will help keeping this forum alive to compensate for FW demise. As chances are we won't get any new version of the firmware neither of the editor, we have to rely on currently available customization means. The main source for improvements will come from this forum's members.

To start something about your questions, I will just have suggestions:

About getting the wheel to work in the other direction, I think it would be possible to replace one of the left hand four fingers gesture used for PgUp/Dn (Ctrl/not - Spread fingers/not). You could use one of these entries associated to the Macro library -> Mouse -> Wheel Back.
This macro should hopefully provide the opposite effect you are looking for :roll:
I am not sure if this really makes sense as the standard right hand scrolling gesture is in fact not associated to the Macro library -> Mouse -> Wheel Forward entry but rather to one simply named Macro library -> Mouse -> Scroll. Has one of us made some experiment that could tell what is the difference between theses two macros?

Concerning your CAPS-WORD issue, a good thing would be to be post your XML configuration file somewhere so we could look for some glitch.
May be this is related to some OS Mode Filter selection.

I think you will get some more suggestions from others.

Posted: 01 Dec 2005, 03:14
by jmadison
Thank you for your suggestions. Sorry that I have not replied again sooner, I've been very busy lately and have been traveling a lot.

I will try your suggestions about the left hand zooming... but that may still be confusing when in practice. I hoped that the TouchStream would be able to reverse the action by recognizing the application... or perhaps by a simple gesture or button press. It is terribly confusing when you use many different programs simultaneously and ONE of them (SolidWorks) decides to reverse the Zoom In/Out standard. I seem to always be zooming the wrong way.

How do I attach my XML file? Should I copy-paste it into a message? I do not see where the forum supports attachments.


Posted: 01 Dec 2005, 21:43
by ivanw
I totally agree on the reversing matter. This is a major issue concerning programs GUI. This kind of detail is usually taken care of by any good software :!: Nintendo knows that 3D to 2D mapping is to be considered on a user by user basis, after all it's a question of viewpoint. When everything is virtual, a developer must consider that a user is given the choice to travel across a moving space or rather move the world to a place where he wants it to be for his convenience. :shock:

But the real issue here is to be consistent with what the user usually do in some specific situation. This is directly related to our main topic concerning this keyboard: Muscle memory = reflex. It is a mistake to deceive reflex mechanisms because they get inhibited right away. For instance, as I have always used a QWERTY layout, if I ever touch a french AZERTY keyboard, I'll have to wait for the next day to be able to use a keyboard without some restraint.

As a result, given the fact that the keyboard is unaware of what is happening inside your system, it wont address the SolidWorks issue. All I can think of is that you have to do something to tell the keyboard to adapt in some way.
The only way to have the same gesture to trigger a different action is to play the modal card. This means that you have to pick one of the available modes for which you can attach more than one action to the same gesture: Mac, Win, Linux, Unix, Emacs and Custom. Now you have to select some cool mode-switching gesture that will be easier to execute than the default that are made so undoable by mistake... There are some experiments involved behind this idea and it may prove challenging.

About attaching some file to this forum, the only way is to insert a link to some place where you can upload it. The Wiki DownloadArea would be the place of choice but I used to be denied write access to this place. This was a few months ago, may be you can give it a try...

Posted: 01 Dec 2005, 22:54
by drew
This may not suite you but you could always set another gesture to do the reverse zoom. There are actually two gestures for a wheel zoom by default 5finger contract/expand and 4finger drag you could reverse one of them.

Using a separate gesture but with the more natural/standard motion will probably be less confusing.

Posted: 02 Dec 2005, 00:09
by jmadison
When I get a little more time I think I will try both suggestions... using the 5 finger expand/contract to be my "SolidWorks only" zoom, and using the normal scroll zoom elsewhere. The downside here is the muscle-memory reflex. The upside is that both gestures will always be available, and right now I rarely use the 5 finger expand/contract anyway.

Then I will also set up a mode switching gesture (perhaps pressing one of the 'blank' buttons) that will switch modes such that the gesture is reversed until I mode-change again. The downside here is the constant switching modes whenever I change windows. The upside here is that the reflex memory stays the same.

Thank you for your help. I'll be in touch.... :D


Re: Hello Fingerfans!

Posted: 19 Dec 2005, 15:08
by Msquared
jmadison wrote:Is it possible to reverse the zoom wheel function for one application only? (I'm in WinXP right now) I use SolidWorks, a 3D CAD program, and it uses the opposite wheel spin for zooming from every other application... and you can't change it in the software
Perhaps a feature request to the software's author?

Really, if an application does one thing reverse to every other application on that platform, then the developers should fix that, as it makes life hard for all users, not just people with funky input devices like us...

Posted: 19 Dec 2005, 15:25
by jmadison
Yes, yes, yes.... I totally agree. This request has been sent by thousands of users, and is one of the biggest complaints that the software has. Unfortunately, the company is too concerned with adding bells and whistles to the existing software than they are with making it comply with the rest of the system, or making it ergonomically easy to use. I agree wholeheartedly, but until the developer decides that this is important, those of us who have to use the software are forced to deal with it somehow.

Posted: 19 Dec 2005, 18:43
by Msquared
That sucks. So in summary they're ignoring the many people who have given them their hard-earned cash already. Figures. And I bet it's almost trivial to make that sort of change, and not too far off trivial to even make it configurable, even if only in a config file or something.

Perhaps you can find some sort of tool that is capable of mangling Windows' input stream? You may be able to configure it to swap the scroll mouse direction for that application only... Maybe do a search on or something. Look for such things as "input mangler" or "input filter", or some similar things...

(I'm a Linux person, so I'm afraid I'd be no help in finding it, but good luck anyway...)