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...from the great plains of South Dakota.

Posted: 15 Sep 2005, 07:14
by trogdorix
Just bought a iGesture pad a few days ago, and UPS says it will arrive tomorrow. I'm in the market for any TS, but it looks like that may be difficult now...

Posted: 15 Sep 2005, 17:26
by Rqyteqto
Aloha trogdorix,

Welcome to FingerFans. Don't give up hope for a TS. Keep a sharp lookout on EBay and make sure you include the other regions. I just snagged a TS from Germany for a very decent price. Also, keep an eye on Craig's lists, I know several forum members found theirs that way.

Meanwhile, check out the threads regarding xml programming for the iGestures, we are hoping to be able to convert them to near the functionality of a TS.


and the xml wiki/tutorial site