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Remember me?

Posted: 21 Jul 2005, 18:32
by frenchghost
Hey, what happened? I've just disappeared from the site... It's puzzling to witness what things become when you're dead. Even worse when you see that some(thing/body) managed to make things look like you've never been there!

Let me tell... I once called myself ivanw from Paris, France, my avatar was:
Image in my VCO business name + me climbing the learning curve.

To make sure I was not mistaken when I thought I've really existed, I went to the search page to look for my former login name ivanw... I was right! No trace of my posts but I found some replies to some of them.

I DID EXIST ONCE! And I think I still do now.
So, here I am in a transition phase, on my way back to existence. I still have work to do... making sure I don't look too ghostly.

I am still trying to understand what happened, more on this soon...

unless I'm really dead


Posted: 21 Jul 2005, 21:04
by frenchghost
Next step...
I exchanged a few emails with our Site Admin and I had his quick reply stating that I have not been banished :oops:
But no explanation from his side... :?:

(the writer) will get to the end of this, just to make sure that we don't have to deal with a ripper that can highjack any of you (the reader), black sheep around here.

Just confirming

Posted: 21 Jul 2005, 22:35
by TorbenGB
Yep, Ivanw suddenly disappeared: posts, member profile and all. It's not any of our doings, and it's certainly not intentional! We're trying to figure out what happened, and see if we can a) bring Ivanw back and b) stop this from happening again, if there's a risk of it.

Don't necessarily expect a follow-up post from us here. We'll take this directly between Ivanw and the forum management. I sincerely hope we can bring Ivanw back!