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Silver QWERTY Fingerworks LP Keyboards Available

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2005, 17:01
by micwil
Just an update, we have had over 100 inquiries about the auction, but only 2 bids to date. The current bid is at $550 US on each of the keyboards.

Since they are going used for $800 on Ebay, and these units are new, factory sealed, unopened units, I thought I would repost again.

Once again, we are accepting bids until July 31st to ensure anyone who really wants a new unit has the ability to purchase one.

In terms of other inventory:

IGesture Pads: >50 units in stock, $250 CDN each
IGesture Minis: >20 units in stock, $395 CDN each
IGesture NumPads - all sold out in the last 2 weeks!