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Silver/Dvorak Touchstream FS on eBay

Posted: 09 Jun 2005, 15:41
by daniel1113
Hey guys,

As much as I have fallen in love my Touchstream over the past 2 months, I have decided to let her go due to the current situation with FingerWorks (or the company that used to be FingerWorks). As the title suggests, this is a silver Dvorak model. You can check out the eBay aution here:

FingerWorks Touchstream LP Keyboard - Silver/Dvorak

Hopefully something good will happen with FingerWorks in the near future so I can get another Touchstream (or perhaps its successor).

Posted: 10 Jun 2005, 17:23
by phill
The last known Silver Dvorak LP for sale in the world. You think it will get up to $800?

I sure wish that I could afford $100's over the original price... I sure would like one.

Posted: 10 Jun 2005, 18:31
by daniel1113
It's funny that you should say that, since I honestly think I got the last one from The Human Solution. They literally had to go digging in their warehouse to find one for me after my order had been delayed for over a month.

Posted: 10 Jun 2005, 19:37
by VaderPi
I was just sitting here staring at the picture. You took a really nice photo! It makes me want it even more. I was planning on saving up for a silver Dvorak before all the craziness happened. My burgundy Qwerty is going to have to do, now. ;) I have a print out of the Dvorak layout on my desk, and I bought a typing tutor with Dvorak lessons. That should help.

Good luck to you. I am sure that you are going to make a killing. I would do that, but the thought of having to type on something different for my daily work really makes me sad. I sure hope this one never breaks.

Posted: 14 Jun 2005, 06:40
by phill
phill wrote:The last known Silver Dvorak LP for sale in the world. You think it will get up to $800?
You you thought that I was kidding... It's up to $760 right now!!!!

Posted: 18 Jun 2005, 03:45
by daniel1113
It did if you count shipping :)