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MacNTouch cables

Posted: 05 Feb 2007, 17:43
by Minox

I am in the process of getting the details of having the MacNTouch cables recreated for those that have damaged cables or want a spare set as they are not available from FingerWorks.

I am not sure of pricing needs yet as I am still talking to them about the prototyping stage.

When I find out the cost to do a small batch run, maybe 20 sets of cables (3 cables each set) what do you think is a fair cost for a set?

Obviously - this would be a not-for-profit endeavor. I will divide the production cost evenly over the sets, but people would need to pay shipping.

Thank you.


Cables Update

Posted: 13 Feb 2007, 23:50
by Minox
OK, I called a couple of companies that make Flex Printed Circuit (FPC), Everywhere I called basically said it would cost a min of $700 + tooling to make a minimum order yielding 3 sets of 3 cables.

I for one do not wish to pay ~$400+ for a set of cables. Being the inventive guy I am, I got some copper foil and Kapton tape and made my own prototype cable to see if it could be done... Short answer yes, it can!

I will post a side by side image of the cable I made and the FPC that fingerworks supplied here: ... /proto.jpg

I typed this on my MacNTouch connected with the proto cable between the L board and a USB extention cable to my PC.