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iGesture Mini keyboard USB - for sale, whats it worth??

Posted: 30 Jan 2007, 14:47
by martinptn
I dont know the "going rate" for a mini keyboard is, but I have one sitting on a shelf doing nothing and would quite like to have a Wacom table to replace it, will I get enough to buy a wacom intuos?

Posted: 31 Jan 2007, 01:20
Kind of depends on the market its highly variable. But you might fetch enough to get a 4x6 or even a 6x11. Hard to say. The minis have not sold as well or commanded as high a price.

Posted: 31 Jan 2007, 10:18
by martinptn
Well, if anybody is willing to offer me enough(ish) to buy a Wacom Intuos, I'd be happy to hear to from you. the A5 one is approx £200 - I wont "scam" anyone, it is used but in perfect order - I do live in the UK so not sure about postage?? I would just like to get a Wacom for home use, not really worried about making money from it and if somebody is desparate for one I'd rather let them have it that make a couple of extra $$... so anyone honest and interested drop me an email and its yours if you can offer me something reasonable - If I havent heard from here for a week or so I will just stick it on ebay and post again here....

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