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TouchStream LP Querty + iGesture for sale

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2016, 21:20
by Rqyteqto
I am, with great reluctance, offering up my last TouchStream LP for sale, along with my last iGesture pad.

The LP is in near perfect condition, with the original wrist-rest pads and the aluminum stand. No scratches, no worn lettering or graphics on the the tablets or the stand. The USB cable is nearly perfect but there's a bit of rust on the connector. I'm going to try to clean that up with some very fine sandpaper and steel wool. It's been rarely used, I had, up until a couple three years ago, two others for day to day use and I hadn't used either of them much since moving from Hawaii to Seattle in 2009, mostly just to see that they still worked before I sold them. Just didn't have a desk where I could lay things out. I was saving this one for my retirement to play on but plans change and it looks like I'm going to be living on a boat. No room. Not a good environment for such a treasure. Plus, I've gotten so used to using the keyboard and trackpad on my laptops. Still love the LP, just playing with it now to make sure it's still working flawlessly brings back the 7 years I depended on them. I was partially handicapped and basically lived in a big leather comfy chair overlooking the ocean, Kaneohe Bay to be exact. I had two 24" monitors, each running off a heavy duty desktop, identical in every way and cross-connected via CAT5 LAN and both connected via LAN to an array of NAS drives. The monitors were on those floaty arms so I could swing them in and out, up and down as desired. Ditto with the two LPs, each on it's own platform mounted on a floaty arm. King size bed right next to the comfy chair, 210 degree view of paradise, Even had a herd of geckos to entertain me. Life was tough. Times change. And I desperately need to downsize. I'll be living with another person in what works out to about a 300 SF, 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with a fairly large ocean view deck. Doesn't come with a foundation or any land whatsoever. Also, a goodly portion of the floor area is taken up with engines and other nautical stuff. These FingerWorks products are just in a box that I only touch when I have to move them. As much as I dearly love them, for just the amazing magic they represent, but also a lot of good time, I need to let them go to someone who will love them just as much or more and take better care of them than I can.

The iGesture is in perfect condition, I've only used it to make sure it works. It does, perfectly.

I also have all the original documentation, at least for the LP, some for the iGesture.

I'm listing this here first. If no takers, I'll go to eBay. My asking price is $1200 for the whole package. I'm basing this on the last sale of an LP on eBay, $765, and a current listing on eBay for 4 LPs for $5000, and last sale price for an iGesture on eBay, $300. If you don't want it all, the LP and it's documentation will be $900 and the iGesture $350. The prices do not include shipping or insurance.

I have the original box for the LP. Nothing for iGesture but it fits snuggly in the LPs box. Which I would be putting inside another, more heavy duty box for shipping.

I'll be checking this website for responses over the next couple of weeks. No luck here by the 15th of January, I'll list with eBay.

Thanks, Mark.

Re: TouchStream LP Querty + iGesture for sale

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2017, 21:09
by Rqyteqto
Not a peep here, so I'm going to list with eBay.

Re: TouchStream LP Querty + iGesture for sale

PostPosted: 28 Apr 2017, 17:24
by David.P
I bought two iGesture Pads on eBay recently -- but probably not yours, because I paid much less :)