Selling Touchstream LP

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Selling Touchstream LP

Post by jadrian »

Hello all,

I'm looking to sell my Touchstream LP, bought in 2005. The price I'm looking for is 600 EUR. This one on eBay was sold recently for ~685 EUR. Shipping from Portugal.

It is pretty much as good as new and fully functional. Here is a picture.


If you look carefully, zooming in on the F4 key, doesn't look clean. That's how I got it when I bought it. It's minimal, but I want full disclosure in case it matters to you.

I have the installation manual, but not the gestures manual. I suppose geastures are available on the forum or the backed up site though.

If you check my history you'll find my one other post in this message board, from 2005. There I ask for help because the Touchstream wasn't recognised by my system. Quite frankly, it was over 10 years ago, don't even remember this, but must have been drivers issues back then, which I then solved.

It's working fine. Just tried it. Plug and play, and good to go.


I barely ever used the keyboard. Bought it partially because I was having pain issues, and partially because it seemed cool and wanted to program it. But pain seemed to be neck issues, and never had time to play with it.
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