Selling a DigiTouch (Dvorak and Qwerty)

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Selling a DigiTouch (Dvorak and Qwerty)

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Hey all!
I had already sold my two iGesture NumPads some years back, and this fall I made a hard choice ... I sold my beloved TouchStream (Danish layout: very rare, and uniquely useful to me) as well as my backup US Qwerty TouchStream; I know they both went to good homes. So now all that remains is the very first DigiTouch this community ever had -- it's the one I bought from Stenovations and wrote this review of, before the DigiTouches were made available for general purchase.

I've been contemplating whether to sell this first DigiTouch as well. I am hesitating because this device has emotional value to me. It is the last straw that connects me to this community and this era of technology. If I let it go then I will never have the opportunity to use this magic again. I would ask the original price of $300 plus shipping worldwide and I would include (the following links are images):
  • the DigiTouch itself (glossy white case) which has a Dvorak surface (excellent condition, and all sensors pass!),
  • a separate US Qwerty surface with adhesive backside that could be used instead (I've never dared trying a swap for fear of damaging either the Dvorak surface, or the sensor board itself),
  • the original black pouch,
  • an USB cable (male type A in both ends),
  • the TX9 screwdriver bit (should you ever want to open the case),
  • as well as any and all of my remaining FingerWorks material and paraphernalia that I can find!
(Also, if I let it go then I have nothing to contribute to this community anymore. This does not mean that I would shut down the site: I have always said that I will keep it online for as long as anyone cares, and I will stay true to my word! But it does mean that somebody else would be better suited as primary admin and maintainer. Ultimately I would like to step down completely.)
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