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All FW downloads in one place!

PostPosted: 15 Aug 2014, 06:41
by TorbenGB
I wanted to announce that I have found nearly 600MB worth of FW downloads in my backup archives and I am making them publicly available now! Look in the "official software" forum. These files still ought to be sorted and nicely linked from other topics in this subforum, but this is a significant step in the right direction. I believe that this collection includes all drivers, applications, accessories, and documentation officially released by FingerWorks (except the Windows version that includes Java) as well as lots of community contributions as well.

The URL now contains all these files (they are uploading as I write this), as well as an index page that creates a dynamic listing so you can easily browse and access the files.

Big thanks to our member "petercooperjr" for continuing to prod me to get this done! At this time, I must sincerely apologize for not having done this work sooner; it pains me to think of the users that might have searched for these files in vain and no longer use the devices for lack of software.