Fingerworks TouchStream LP in excellent condition

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Kare Morstol
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Re: Fingerworks TouchStream LP in excellent condition

Post by Kare Morstol »

Relisted this at $350, which is probably a more realistic price. I hope.
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Re: Fingerworks TouchStream LP in excellent condition

Post by TorbenGB »

It's sad to see that our devices aren't getting higher prices anymore. I guess it mostly indicates a shrinking user base; too few people who understand and appreciate the devices.
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Re: Fingerworks TouchStream LP in excellent condition

Post by nomaded »

Interesting that the auction ended on the same day as Kare mentioned the relisting. Guess the original price point did work.

I'm not surprised at the lowing prices. It's been 9 years since Fingerworks was sold to Apple, so the number of people who actually know what this technology is and can do is ever shrinking.

Also, based on what I can see in current ergonomic keyboard movement, things are going in the total opposite direction. A lot of it is concentrated on mechanical keyswitches, but at least the tenting, the columnular layout, and the larger usage of the thumb are there. I don't think there will be an easy way to reconcile mechanical keyswitches with gesturing. I think the best we can hope for is a good gesture-based trackpad, like the Magic Trackpad in combination with the BetterTouchTool enhancement app. Of course, this is limited to OS X, since enhancing gestures in Windows appears to be *hard* at this time.

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