Fingerworks has become a scam item

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Fingerworks has become a scam item

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I hate to suggest this but with the recent listings of Fingerworks products that are dubious, I have a feeling somebody out there has figured out there are very dedicated and in some cases desperate fans of the products. Which makes them perfect subjects for scams.

I hope its not true, but I fear the worst. Please, all of you, check out the vendors, use, or check with the BBB or other authorities if you have any doubts. The first hint are unreasonably low prices, the second is sudden unexplained availability, the third is some company you've never heard of.

I'd like nothing more than for a previously unknown cache of FW products to come available, but I am pretty sure FW (apple) would have already scoured every retailer or even wholesaler they ever sold to. So the odds are pretty bad in the first place. Hopefully I am wrong.
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