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Amazin selling Fingerworks iGesture Mini Keyboard

Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 16:52
by thenn ... lectronics

for Price: $27.13 !!!!!!!!

Just put my order in for 2, QTY in stock looks to be 42, but I'm not greedy.

Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 17:11
by thenn
Just called PC Universe, to add the second one to my order. they informed me that the computer says they are in stock. Hopefully this is the case.

Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 18:25
by ivanw
:? Could anyone here help to find some good reason not to buy?

Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 18:43
by thenn
For 36.00 USD including shipping, there is no reason not to buy, buy, buy. :shock:


Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 18:51
by deklund
first the touchstream, now this...

somebody musta opened up a warehouse and found a treasure trove...
I just put in an order for two..

Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 19:31
Or someone came into this forum, checked the resales on eBay and realized we are all a bunch of highly emotional, extremely desperate maniacs who will grasp at any straw.

Personally I hope I am wrong. Good luck all. If I wasn't strapped for cash and already had three TS and two IG, I'd probably be right in the thick of it.

Posted: 01 Dec 2006, 01:23
by ivanw
And make it two for me: $54.26 + Shipping & Handling: $21.90 = $76.16

:evil: "Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S."

:idea: Delivered to a friend in L.A. luckily comming to France next month.

Posted: 01 Dec 2006, 10:15
by aegis
US shipping only :evil:

Still I shouldn't complain as I already have a Mini. I would recommend these either as a backup or for use with a laptop. Mine is currently paired with my Mac Mini :shock:

Posted: 01 Dec 2006, 14:39
by jmadison
Well, I just ordered one too!

Posted: 01 Dec 2006, 21:24
by -jeffB
Woohoo! Thanks for the heads-up! I decided to be generous and only buy one, particularly since the shipping doubles if you buy two. :?

I sure hope that it's a working Mini (as shown in three of the pictures), and not a stylus (as shown in the fourth)!

I went through this several months ago with Amazon...

Posted: 02 Dec 2006, 05:15
by optimist1125
Ordered several, and got... Wacom digitizing pens, color white.
Amazon has an SKU number from when the Mini was in inventory crossed with the pen SKU number.

I returned my order and got a full refund. Later, I saw that another vendor [a new vendor to Amazon] had picked up the SKU number... same issue.

I called Amazon and talked with them at length, and I *thought* they'd understood the problem and corrected this, but apparently not, else PC Universe would not have picked up the same @#$#%@# crossed inventory. Quality control and competence at its finest, right?

I hate to rain on everyones' parade, but if you order, check the shipping weight. Mine was 4 ozs, which could no way be an iGesture pad.

I hope I'm wrong.... [she says disappointedly...]

Posted: 02 Dec 2006, 14:51
by ivanw
Thanks Linda, I sent a message to PC Universe asking them to clarify the situation with my order and I will report here what comes out from that.

Amazon/PC Universe

Posted: 02 Dec 2006, 15:12
by optimist1125
Good; thanks.

Posted: 02 Dec 2006, 21:24
thenn wrote:For 36.00 USD including shipping, there is no reason not to buy, buy, buy. :shock:
Resellers rating for PC Universe 3.5 / 10.

Not saying its not real, but I would be very skeptical. 11 out of the first 15 reviews are "Very Dissatisfied". I would be very, very skeptical.

"Please avoid this seller at all costs."
"These guys are liars at best."
"I would say useless customer service and useless company - use at your own risk."
"HORRIBLE ... ... will never do business with them again."
"I am very unsatisfied with PC Universe, and will not shop on their website again."
"BUYER BEWARE! SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE and force people like this to either clean up their act or close shop."

Actually, I would be extremely, very, ultra, mega, superskeptical.

I dearly hope it works out for all of you, nothing would make me happier (well, Fingerworks starting up again and selling for $100 or finding my own warehouse full of them would, but ...). Good luck and I mean it very positively.

Posted: 03 Dec 2006, 00:38
by thenn
Thanks for the heads up. I agree that there may be a possibility of scam, most of the reviews in the past year have been negative feedback. All the negative feedback said they got their money back, so that's not as bad as everybody being out the 36+ USD/item.

I feel bad for sending this link to everyone, I hope no one gets screwed becasuse of it. :oops:

Posted: 03 Dec 2006, 00:54
by thenn
OK so here is the scoop. I just got off the phone with Amazon. Talked to Cindy there, she says to refuse delivery if we are oviously shipped pens, or to goto Amazon return website and print off return labels. Either way our accounts will be credited.

She also said I should recieve the Fingerworks iGesture Mini Keyboard , since that is what is listed in the description on

All we can do is hope for the best.

Maybe not a scam... just an error

Posted: 03 Dec 2006, 04:06
by optimist1125
I think these new vendors come online with Amazon, get into their "what can we sell" inventory system, see a part number, and check to say they want to sell it.

Rather than a scan, I think the issue is more with Amazon and a problem in the Amazon inventory system than with the resellers.

I wish all of you good luck with this. Please keep us posted.

Amazon... iGesture followup

Posted: 04 Dec 2006, 16:21
by optimist1125
This morning, a search for "iGesture" in Amazon produces results of "unavailable..."

Perhaps they're researching the problem, or maybe they've corrected the inventory number mixup.

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 16:45
by deklund
Just got an email back from PCUniverse confirming that there was a mixup between WaCOM pens and our 'holy grail'. They canceled my order as I asked.

Seemed fairly prompt and considerate.

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 17:54
by ivanw
Mine are in transit with UPS and my clarification request was not answered when it was still time to cancel the shipment.

:( troubles in perspective! ...

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 20:14
by thenn
Well, looks like there was a goof up. I will not be accepting shipment as to Amazon direction. Shipping weight is only 0.2 lbs.

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 20:59
by ivanw
Hi, thenn, do you think refusing the delivery could be the best way to deal with the situation?
Ok, this looks like a smart trick to get the package sent back without RMA burden, but I am not sure it would be the best way to get kindly refund cash... :roll:

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 21:13
by jmadison
I've been on the phone with PC Universe today regarding my order. They confirmed that it was a labeling/numbering mistake in their integration with Amazon. Apparently they've only been with Amazon a short time and are working out some bugs in the process. They were very professional and helpful on the phone. For my case, the Wacom pen had already shipped. So, they called me back after doing some investigating and advised that I do not accept delivery of the product from UPS. Instead, they gave me a Return Number that I am to write on the box for UPS to return. Since I work from my home, it will be no problem to intercept the UPS guy when he comes.


Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 21:44
by ivanw
Thanks jmadison, I hope they will answer my mail with this Return Number before my friend receives the package in order to proceed the same way.
:o This is becoming quite an event for this lazy forum.

Posted: 05 Dec 2006, 22:02
by -jeffB
Ugh, same thing here -- just received the tracking number, and the status page says the shipped weight is 0.20Lb. Sigh.

Oh, well -- every once in a while, a deal like this DOES work out. Like the lottery ads used to say, "you gotta play to win"... and at least, unlike the lottery, I'm not losing my money!