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Ribbon cable in Australia

PostPosted: 31 May 2006, 06:59
by t3ffreak
I've just replaced the ribbon connector cable with a new 3" part from DigiKey. TS seems fine now (phew!).

Because the shipping was (relatively) expensive, I bought 2 extra cables - so if anyone else in Australia has a problem, I'll happily sell one for A$20 ( 1/3 ) plus local postage. (Reply to this post.)

PostPosted: 31 May 2006, 17:49
by Rqyteqto
Please post the url and part number for that ribbon cable.

Do they have longer cables, as I am contemplating a custom set up with the left and right panels separated substantially more than stock.

On that subject, does anybody know if there are any potential problems with a longer cable?

This is part of a project to eventually end up with a wireless TS on a custom base. I intend to connect the TS to a custom USB connection that combines a power source (two sets of AA rechargeable batteries with a voltage regulator) and a bluetooth dongle. I do not intend to mess with the TS itself except perhaps as noted to provide more separation between the panels. It would just plug into the platform/base which would provide the power and bluetooth connection.

PostPosted: 31 May 2006, 21:41
by ivanw
* Everything about this: TouchStreamLongCable.pdf
* This comes from a discussion on Fingerworks Support Forums in a message from DoctorJack: Longer LP-separator cables
* Yet another discussion about the cable: Cable separation on the LP

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2006, 17:51
by Rqyteqto
Its clear this was a big issue at one time. Too bad FW never took the step. Too bad they got gobbled.

As far as the warranty goes, that's a dead issue. We have the information needed to separate the cases though looking at that one solution with the DigiKey connectors and the 26 conductor cable inbetween, it might be easiest to simply split the exisitng connector ribbon and splice in an extension using the DigiKey connectors and a 26 conductor cable which would eliminate having to open the cases or trying to reconnect the ribbons.

Thanks for the leads, ivanw. My idea for a wider separation seems substantially more doable.

Next is making up the bluetooth/battery power connection to obtain wirelessness. Actually, that might be even easier.

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2006, 19:00
by ivanw
You have the bible for these ribbon cables here: Specs and P/N

Keep us entertained with this, just to make sure that there is still some life out there...

It really feels bad to see how some nice things may disappear due to lack of interest for anything that's not supported by Microsoft or Coca Cola.

It would have been better if Fingerworks came with some new hamburger than something as complicated, pricey and so unusable than this so called keyboard ! :wink: