NEW TouchStream LP Silver DVORAK (on eBay $1 no reserve!)

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NEW TouchStream LP Silver DVORAK (on eBay $1 no reserve!)

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This might just be the last silver DVORAK Touchstream in this condition. I bought it new last year, and only used it for half an hour. It's been sat on a shelf in it's original box since then. EBay auction here


I bought it just before FingerWorks was taken over and stopped producing this amazing keyboard. This keyboard comes in it's original box with all manuals, quick-start gesture cards and CD!

This keyboard is the ultra-rare silver DVORAK version. The DVORAK key-layout is optimized for touch typing (it's not QWERTY). I'm based in the UK, but I'll happily ship this keyboard to the USA or Europe for an extra £30 (~$50).

I've put this keyboard on eBay with a £1 starting bid with NO RESERVE!

Pictures here

EBay auction here

"Hi, I’m Dave. I’m about to move from a big house in Fulham to a tiny flat in the centre of London. So – you’ve guessed it – I’m selling everything that I don’t absolutely need. You can ring me any time about this item on +44 207 6100370. You pop round to inspect the items at any time – just give me a call. You can pay by PayPal or cash if you’d like to collect the item from Fulham."
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