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Buying a Fingerworks.

Postby thenn » 23 Feb 2006, 22:11

I would like to purchase a working FW numpad, igesture, Touchstream LP, or ST for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I only own a igesture numpad, which I disassembled from a igesture keyboard. I lent my TS to a friend who left the area (jerk needs to return my TS). I will be willing to purchase one of these products at a reasonable price, then I will attempt the impossible. I will totally disassemble my numpad or bought product, and try to reassemble and solder it to be back in working order. I have an electrical engineer friend who wants to help. I will be happy to take pictures, and document the entire event. I plan on taking two full day to do this. I will be shopping around for a FW or TS until 03/15/2006. If I do not have a subject by then, I may use my numpad. Please pm me a product and price. No price above 250USD for ST or LP, and 100USD for numpad. Again the item must be in working order, I want to see if my friend and I can do this. If this works you may be able to attempt this yourselves with broken products.
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Postby Cerin » 06 Sep 2006, 19:37

I know this is an old post, but with FW products being as rare and expensive as they are, why would anyone want to purposefully destroy a perfectly working board just to take some pictures?
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Postby thenn » 06 Sep 2006, 21:07

Well, the reason is to see how these products work. I have already taken apart an igesture that I purchased on this site. I have also posted the pictures. I was able to put the item back together. So, since I was able to take the pictures and use the item, you could say I got my moneys worth. This was an old post.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take apart the igesture to the level of detail that I originally wanted. I will be retying when I have some time to kill.
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Postby RAFH » 08 Sep 2006, 03:52

Just goes to show FingerFans are utterly mad and totally unpredictable.
Which, in my not so humble opinion, is a good thing. Thanks for the pics thenn.
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