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Want to trade LP (unused and complete) for ST

Posted: 21 Feb 2006, 12:03
by pfs

I would like to trade practically unused LP for ST. I do not have much need for a portability, and on the other hand what I do need is added security. In the place I usually live and work TouchStreams are worth more than a monthly salary, so ST I use on daily basis is usually firmly attached with the chain to the nearest radiator.

I purchased LP as a portable solution and a backup; but now the days of my ST seem to be nearing the end and it is time to think about the replacement.

LP is barely used and thus in a perfect condition. It comes with a tent stand and additional original pads in case you want to use it flat on desk. It has the "international" layout -- US QWERTY with additional backslash keys on the left shift and near the cursor arrows.

Alternatively, perhaps someone could guide me how to attach LP firmly to the stand?

I am currently based in UK, but in a month or so someone will be visiting the States and could take the keyboard with him.


Posted: 21 Feb 2006, 15:29
by thenn
To answer your question of attaching the LP to the tent stand, I would have to suggest double sided Velcro. I wouldn't want to permanently attach the LP, since the center ribbon cable may need to be changed. This is what I have done with mine, and it works great. You may need to glue the Velcro to the foam on the underside of the LP. I used three 1"x5" strips of Velcro. Hope this helps.


Posted: 21 Feb 2006, 16:17
by pfs
Thanks for your kind reply, but I was damn serious about chaining my keyboard. I have drilled a hole in the frame and attach keyboard with Kensington lock. Sometimes I really use a normal chain. Velcro is not enough on this side of the pond.


Posted: 21 Feb 2006, 19:52
by thenn
Something a little more what you are looking for would be a lock box or maybe a crushproof case. These products are nice, and they are also lockable. Plus, a crushproof case would keep your LP or TS nice and snug. Con would be the cost.

Posted: 22 Feb 2006, 19:54
by The00Dustin
I don't know how well rubber cement would work, but it may have been tried in the past...
FingerWorks had to attach the Stealth with something, but I don't know what.

Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 05:15
by isaacs
I would build an acrylic box or something out of aluminum that can be locked down. It should not be that difficult. Put a hing on it or make it like a cake box lid that comes off. I have thought of that to carry mine back and forth to work, but I have gone to leaving it at work. Of course my office is lockable and I know the janitor.