Questions about prepping for sale

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Questions about prepping for sale

Post by drteeth »

I have a Touchstream LP that I bought new way back in the day and I have a few questions about getting it prepped to sell. I figured you guys were the experts so I thought I'd come here! =)

I bought it new years ago to use for coding but I haven't used it in at least 5 years. As far as I know, it still works perfectly. It's always been kept in its original box with all the manuals and CD.

If I'm wanting to sell it (on ebay or craigslist or here, I guess), what things should I do/post in preparation for the sale? What do you guys look for? What are the best pictures to take? Are there any tests for the unit that shows it still works perfectly?

Any input would be appreciated. I apologize if this is the incorrect forum, but I thought it was the best choice out of the ones presented.
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Re: Questions about prepping for sale

Post by TorbenGB »

Being able to sell it as a complete original kit is a big advantage. The original driver cd is outdated but it also contains useful reference material.

Most eBay listings are either along the lines of "if you're looking for this then you already know what it is" or "I'm a business and I have no idea but here is the manufacturer sales blurb". A good listing is probably a healthy combination of the two. Make sure to specify the layout (Qwerty, Dvorak) and the nationality (US is most common, but for instance mine is Danish).

Make sure to include a link to this site -- not because we need much promotion but because it's a great sales argument that the buyer can still get user support even though the manufacturer is out of business (thanks for nothing, Apple).

Provide photos of the surface (no scratches), the wrist pads (not worn), and the center cable (not damaged).

If you have access to a computer with WinXP then install the driver software and make a screenshot of the diagnostic screen because this shows that all sensors work as they should. Unfortunately, the driver software is so old that it doesn't work with current versions of Java, so it won't work on Windows Vista or newer, and also not on newer Mac OS X versions. The best approach is to use a Windows XP installation -- either as a physical computer or as a virtual machine installed on a newer OS.
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