Long forgotten iguesture numpad attached to USB keyboard

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Long forgotten iguesture numpad attached to USB keyboard

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Hi all,

I haven't been on in a while...
I found a iGesture Numpad w/black keyboard PS2(stock) in storage while cleaning out a PC part foot locker. Not the same one I have taken apart in some posts on fingerfans.
Working as far as I can tell. I plan on testing before I post this on eBay when I have some free time.
Keyboard is cracked on the side opposite the iGesture Numpad.
There is dust, but it will be cleaned with compressed air & alcohol swabs.
It even still has the original fingerworks sticker with serial number on the back of the keyboard.

Just providing a heads up before it goes up.


Still using my original iGesture Numpad, one I re-soldered.
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