Just relisted my Fingerworks TouchStream LP on ebay

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Just relisted my Fingerworks TouchStream LP on ebay

Post by bear »

I didn't have any takers @ £730 so I've relisted with a make offer option. Here's the new URL if anybody is interested:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0375598127

I've just searched Ebay and I can only find other available. The seller is US based and he wants £1080 + shipping so it seems like my price is not unreasonable. I just wonder what the demand is like nowadays? Do people still want this piece of kit I wonder.

Anyways hopefully mine will sell this time round.

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Re: Just relisted my Fingerworks TouchStream LP on ebay

Post by dongadoy »

I would love to buy a spare for when my keyboard eventually fails. But I'm not willing to pay any where near the asking price for a spare.

Now I would consider paying US$1000 if my keyboard actually failed and I was desperate. $600 is what I paid last time - and that is double the list price. Even at $600, I would research hard for alternatives; they're not going to last forever and I have to switch sometime.

So at that high price, you just have to wait for someone to get desperate.
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